Day 188

Today was a fun day!
It started out with a walk, trying to get back into the groove of things. We decided to take the camera, and I am glad we did. We found a new bird: a Common Yellowthroat. The colors of this little bird are so breath taking. I love them.  We also spotted some Song Sparrows and a Yellow Warbler, though the Yellow Warbler was trying to hide.

When we got home from he walk my new toy had arrived.  I ordered a glass ball (yes like the fortune telling one) to take photos through.  I asked Joe to order the medium size, but he went for the big one as he had a coupon.  And let me tell you IT IS BIG.  We took it outside to play with and I took some need photos of the flowers in my flower bed.  I had Joe hold it up and he complained that it was hot.  So we put it down in the grass and wouldn’t you know it, it started the stick on the ground behind it on fire.  Sure is a mighty glass ball.

We then decided to get on the lake, not a good night for fishing and not many little birds out.  I did spot another Yellow Warbler and this time it let me get a better shot of it, though farther away.  The major catch was the Osprey family.  I got some shots of the Mom yelling for the Dad.  Every once and a while he would answer from across the lake.  She was not happy about that and squawked even louder.  I did get a shot of the baby, but only his butt as he was facing the other way.  Mom did fly away and came back very soon.  I was able to get some shots of her landing in the nest, though with the back lighting they are not what I want.  Guess it is time to look into what I can do with back lighting fixes in Photoshop.

I am excited to have found another bird= and to have my new toy.


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Day 144

Tonight I had to go present awards at the Senior Awards Banquet.  It made for a fun but long night.  As I was leaving I snatched one of the beautiful flowers that were on the table. I am not sure what the flower is, but it was to beautiful to leave behind.  As I was taking photos I felt like Georgia O’Keeffe with how close I was getting to the flowers.

Day 92


Today I thought I would do something a little different, a little more artistic.  I have a small necklace of white “pearls”.  I am not sure where they came from but my daughter wears them now for concerts with her black dress.  They are not real, just fake, but I thought it would be fun to take them with the reflector board and the glass.  What I was surprised about is that they are white but the light from my old lamp cast them as yellow.  So nothing really intense or birdy just fun.


Day 82

Today was a long long day.  After two short meetings after school, it was a night filled with helping the son get some work done before the end of the quarter.  So my night was gone very quickly.  So when I tried to think of an idea I looked around.  I spotted my makeup and thought what the hey.  I have a love hate with makeup.  I love getting pretty and putting makeup on, but I have found that as I get older I can not wear makeup.  I break out after only a few hours of having eyeshadow on.  This, in a way, is a bit sad.  As a little girl, you can’t wait to wear makeup, it makes you a “woman”.  But when you get older you realize what a pain in the butt it is to put on and keep nice.  I am lucky my husband doesn’t worry about it, especially now that I can’t wear it.

So my shots today are just real simple ones on make up.


Day 80

I LOVE playing with water drops and reflections.  I thought I would finish the weekend with a couple more water drops.  I was trying to do water drops on a glass rim, but the glass I had was to thin and all it would do was run down the side.  Hence the one picture of water drops down the side of the glass.  I then moved onto a pewter cup I had and played with some water drops there.  I think they turned out fine, especially how the color pops on them.  It is amazing what one little drop of water can do.

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Day 79

Today I wanted to play with water and reflections again.  This I have been planning in my head for some time.  I am not sure if it came out the way I wanted it to.  I do realize that I need more room in my “studio”.  Guess I will have to figure that out.  I did like the color and how it “pops” but I think I need to work on the setting of it.  But that is what this is all about, learning as I go.


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