Day 181


Today I got to go down and visit my niece in her new house. I have a nice little house, so full of character. I love those old houses.  We decided to go for dinner and outside of the door were these really big pots of flowers. So I snapped pictures of the one flower that o thought was really cool.

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Day 180

Today was a busy day.  We started our walk later than we wanted and I thought I would bring my camera in hopes of getting some birds.  Note to self:  camera= 7lbs+, lens=4lbs+!  It was a bit of extra weight and man was it heavy by the end.  But we did get some birds and we even met up with another budding birder (Mr. Grigal) and hopefully gave him some good advice on finding birds in the Bog.  I found it very frustrating today in that most of the time, the birds tried to hide their faces from me.

Way later in the evening we were finally able to hit the lake for a little bit.  Joe did great fishing, while I was fine getting a few and just trying to get pictures.  It was a beautiful night and some beavers decided to let us get some good shots of them eating cat-tails.

The biggest thing we saw today was a muskrat by Fayal Pond and an Oriole flying overhead.  I really hope he heads up the hill as I have a feeder just waiting for him!

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Today was a dull rainy day but a great day for a walk. During our walk we saw many birds. However I didn’t take my big camera. So I did what I could with my little one. All of the wild flowers are in bloom and one of my favorite ones are the Daisys. They just seem so cheerful.

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Day 178

Today was just a beautiful, if windy, day.  We decided to take a run through the bog since it had been awhile since we had been there.  And since the Hubby/Driver is finally going back to work, I have to get in as many runs as I can.

We didn’t set out with any plans to see something special.  We just went for a drive.  We did get brave and took a short hike into the Bog in hopes to see the Pink Lady Slipper.  I was a couple of days to late, as the few that we saw were dead.  A couple of them still had the flower but it was not the bright pink but a brown pink.  But we know where to go and what to look for now.  While in the Bog, we did find some new birds and were able to get some pictures.  Plus, I was able to get something I wanted to get for a while:  A woodpecker feeding it’s baby!  I even got the little Flicker sticking its head out!  I was very excited about that.  Add in the Northern Harrier that we found and it was a good ride through the bog.

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Day 176

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Today was my son’s 14th Birthday.  Hard to believe that the little baby I held so many years ago is this tall young man I see before me.  To celebrate we went to Superior to see one set of Grandparents.  This gave me an excuse to go looking for birds.  The only drawback of the day was that I suffered from a horrible migraine the whole day.  No amount of medication or ice packs helped.

We did get a little bit of time to look for birds, and I was able to get my daughter in on the act.   We went for a walk down a trail and found a few birds that were willing to pose.  We saw a good handful at my in-laws feeders.  They said they didn’t get much, but in a short time I saw brown headed cowbirds, purple finches, golden finch, doves, sparrows, and red winged black birds to name a few.

When it was time to head back, we swung by a park to see if we could find the cardinals.  We didn’t get to see any of those, but the Greater Crested Flycatcher was thick.  We got to see one jump up and grab a snack right from the air.  One shot, the little bird is looking right at me and it is the funniest picture.  He looks like Don King!  The last thing we saw was a turtle laying her eggs.  I am glad for a long lens so I don’t have to get up close and bother her while she is doing this.  I guess that is a fitting way to end my Son’s Birthday with another birth!

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Day 175

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Tonight we surprised my Dad and grabbed him and his boat and we headed out to Whitewater.  It was a gorgeous night and we wanted to do a little fishing.  I decided not to fish and I just grabbed my camera.  I was excited to drive the boat for the first time tonight.  This let my Dad and my Husband just worry about fishing and I could concentrate about finding things to take pictures of.

The first thing that flew by was a Blue Heron.  After that there were the normal gulls and a couple of young Bald Eagles.  But what I really wanted to capture, and who let me get a lot, were the loons.  I was lucky to get some loon fairly close to me.  My favorite ones are the ones I was able to capture when the sun was going down.  The light was so soft and glowing on the water, it really is a stunning photography.  This one loon that is the star of my show tonight was being extremely silly and making a lot of noise and flapping.  He came close to the boat a few times.

I tried to capture a dragon fly also.  It would zoom up in my face and then when I got the camera ready and trained on him he would take off.  So I was very surprised to see I had actually gotten one neat photography of him with his reflection of himself on the water.

As the night grew closer and the sun went down the sunset was out standing.  It is very different when you are on the water.  I really love the shot of my Dad tonight.  It is one of my favorite ones.  The sunset ones are wonderful too.  I did very little editing to all of the photographer.  Just taking out some of the noise, a little bit of cropping on others and that is about it.  Love how the camera can capture this beauty.


Day 174

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This morning everything was bright and sunny. The hubby and I took a wonderfully long walk and during that walk we found a spot with a variety of flowers. This flower was one of the many there and I couldn’t resist taken a few shots with my iPhone. While it isn’t the level of my regular camera I think it still took nice pictures. The yellow is so bright and nice it just makes me smile.

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Day 173

Tonight the internet is back up and running thanks to a new modem.  This means that I am able to do the blog the normal way.  However, I do have one photo that I took on my iPhone today that I am using.  Joe and I have been walking everyday and this morning on our route the birds were out in droves!  They were buzzing from tree to tree and we saw two new birds:  Wilson’s Warbler and a Gray Catbird.  The catbird let me get fairly close and take a photo with my iPhone.  I was pretty surprised.

The other star of the show tonight is a White Breasted Nuthatch.  I was at my sisters today and thought I had found a new woodpecker…that is until on the way home I got a good look at the photo and realized the goofy looking bird was a nuthatch.  I love this little bird, but when it is looking at you straight on with its curved beak and sure looks silly.  A small flock of them were flying all over and enjoying the mealworms my sister had put out for them.  Silly birds….

Day 172

Today my post is a tad mor complicated  we currently have no internet so I am forced to complete my blog on my phone  this means that my photos were taken on my phone, and the editing was done in my phone

I took my inspiration from my garden and the ripe red strawberries that I picked today  they were ruby red and bursting with flavor  the best way to start the summer

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