Day 213

Tonight I thought I would share what is my favorite photo that I have taken so far this year.  I am really surprised this one did not sell, but that is ok, I can hang it in the house somewhere.


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Day 212


So what were my top sellers you may ask…well the photos that people loved the most, the ones that people commented on the most, and the ones that I sold more of where the above photos.  Anything to do with squirrels and porcupines.  This cracks me up, as Joe gave me the hardest time about taking those pictures.

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Day 211

Today was a day I was extremely nervous about, and while it may not have gone as I had wanted I still received a lot of feedback that was very positive.
So to honor my first attempt at selling my artwork I give you the one print that I sold.  I must say I am very proud of this print being my first ever sale of my photography.


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Day 210

Today was a day filled with getting ready for my first show selling Photography.  I have done shows before, but this is the first time I have sold something so close to my heart.  I was hoping to get some shots of animals on the way up to Ely, but that didn’t happen, so I was left with my flowers tonight.  Enjoy.

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Day 209



Today was a day to get ready for the Blue Berry Festival.  Getting pictures into frames and sorting and bagging all the others.  I took a brief moment to take some pictures of the young birds now visiting my feeders.  A good handful of young purple finches, nut hatches, and chipping sparrows.  And of course the regulars Goldfinches and doves.


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Day 208

Tonight was a flash back to when I first started taking wildlife photos.  We were on the same lake and it was the same type of night.  Years ago, I took my camera on the lake to get some loon pictures, however, an Osprey decided to dive for a fish right in front of me.  It was a gift and I was at the right time to get it.  However, I was shooting in Jpeg at the time, not RAW.  But it was the start.  Since then I have been waiting to hit it again at a good time.  Well, tonight it happened again, but I was not ready and the going down into the water are burry, but the coming up were good.  Then to my surprise, something I had just told the hubby I wanted to capture happened.  An eagle dove down to grab a fish.  I was rather far away and again, not prepared so the photos are not 100% of what I would like, but I got them.  The eagle then flew off for supper while the osprey had to do some more hunting to do.

We saw some other birds also, and I was lucky to get some great shots of a Blue Heron that liked the bay we were fishing.  Such lanky birds, but so beautiful.


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Day 206

Today was a great day with my best friend.

We headed to Duluth to check out Hawks Ridge.  We were hoping that the trees wouldn’t be bad in that area.  On the way up to it we passed many places where there were a lot of trees down, many across power lines.  I can not imagine what the linemen must be going through having to get all the trees off the lines and get them back up.

We did not see much at Hawks Ridge except one broad winged hawk so we headed over to Billings Park to see if we could find the cardinal again.  At first there was not much going on except the cedar waxwings.  We walked a little further and out flew two pileated woodpeckers!  They landed for a little bit and then took off.  We walked over to where they went with the hopes that maybe I could find them and get a quick snap of them.  Much to our surprise the pair of pileated had found some trees and stayed there for quite a bit of time.  I was able to observe them and take pictures for a good while.  And then off we went to find more birds.

After we left Duluth, we did a quick trip through the Bog.  I was hoping to find an owl or two to get some shots with the rental lens before I have to send it back tomorrow.  We did not get the owls but the Black backed woodpecker and the crossbills where out in numbers and I was able to grab some shots of them before we moved one.

It was a wonderful day spent doing what I love with a person I love.

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Day 204

Tonight was another night out in the bog.  It was just to nice to stay home.  I am hoping find an owl before the rental time is done on Monday, but tonight we had no luck with that.  However, we did find some other birds and one little bunny.

This rental lens is something different.  I think if I owned it I would get used to it and it would be great.  Right now it is good, but different.  By the time I figure it out I will have to send it back!  But in the meantime, I was able to capture some great shots of the northern harrier, woodpeckers, and a broad winged hawk.  The hummingbird ones are ok, but I am still on the hunt to get the wings stilled in flight.  The one I liked was the one where she is sticking out her tongue.  It isn’t the best but it is cute.


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