Day 244

It’s all downhill from here!  Only 1/3rd of a year left to go.


Today was a long day spent in meetings and then an open house.  However, the open house was rather fun and I got to visit with a lot of kids and parents as that was fun.  But it made for a long day, and I was beat when I headed home.  I decided to use my wildlife camera for photos tonight as my birds had decided to go roost elsewhere tonight.  I did have one new bird: the swainson’s warbler, however, he was dead on my steps…so not good on that aspect.

The camera only took pictures for a couple days (not sure what’s up with that).  There were birds, but I have to say that the squirrels are the cutest when they are jumping around.  I did catch our fox eating the fallen seed.  Lets hope when I check it next time it gets more birds.

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Day 243

Today I am 2/3rds of the way done with my 365 day blog!  Only a few more days and my year of daily photos will be at an end.  So far it has been fun getting some great shots to blog about.

Today I was hoping to go fishing and have a shot at some water birds before they leave for the winter.  But the wind was against us and so I turned to old faithful, my feeders in the yard.  I sat in my back yard and had  a great night.

A young Blue Jay sat on one of the stakes and let me get fairly close to take some pictures.  The bottom of the young bird was bright and blue while the top was a tad grey still.  My Goldfinches were all over the place and took some time to eat on the sunflowers for a bit.  I also had some new birds, a female American Redstart and one female Scarlet Tanager.  Later in the night, some red-winged black birds came into the yard with some grackles.  Grackles are dirty birds in that they are loud and poop everywhere, but when the sun is shining on them you can not deny that they are very pretty.

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Day 242

Today was a long day back at work.  Meetings make for sore butts.  But when I got home the hubby had diner ready and as I was relaxing afterwards I was able to get a couple of shots of the humming birds and the juvenile red winged black bird that were out in my front yard today.  One shot of the humming birds I did more photoshopping then I ever do as I wanted to only focus on the humming bird and not the feeder next to it.  I couldn’t get it to crop like I wanted to I tried another technique, and while it isn’t what I will always do,  it turned out nice.

They hubby and I went for a drive after that and I was able to get some nice shots as the sun was setting.  I love how the sky turns color so quickly.

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Day 241

Today I had plans to play with my camera and the birds around the house.  Since I have my shorter, but faster lens, I was hoping to get some humming birds, but after I filled the feeders they hid instead of coming to feed.  My hope was then pinned on going and see if my owls were out.  However, by the time we got out there it was to dark to get a picture as they flew by us.  So I am left with the one shot I did take.  This shot is special because the only reason I took it was because it reminded me of Bob Ross Clouds.


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Day 240

What an exhausting day.

Had plans to do one thing but ended up doing another unexpected thing.  It makes for a very long and tiring day.

But I did find some time on the drive home to stop for some quick pictures.

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Day 239

Today we headed out to the lake.  It was a beautiful day to be out in our favorite place.  My camera still isn’t in the right spot, but the item I ordered to get the focus back in spot arrived today, so tomorrow I can get it going again.  However, I was able to capture some really great things.

We came upon a Belted Kingfisher today.  It was flying up out of the water when we first spotted it and then she put on a show for us.  We were able to watch her dive about 4 times before she flew up into a tree.  I tried to get some pictures, but that little bird flew so fast it was hard to keep track.  I did get some though and just being able to watch as she dove and shot out of the water over and over and moved so fast was amazing.

A little later on we were able to watch as two Ospreys flew over us and dove for fish.  My focus was not on spot again so I do not think they are the best photos.  The Eagle would only fly over, he wasn’t willing to dive for me today.  But I did get some great shots of the Blue Heron (three different ones) as they hid in the tall grass.  There were also some surprise birds that popped in today.

At this point, I needed to get fishing so the rest of the night was spent fishing and having a good time.  At the close of the night some ducks and geese flew over and gave me a great sunset picture.

Wonderful time with a wonderful captain.

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Day 238

Today I am still struggling with my focus.  Still tinkering with it and still not happy.  Guess it is a lesson learned in making sure things are secure before letting go of the camera.  However, I did order something that should help me figure out the focusing and I should be back on track by tomorrow.

I was able to grab a couple shots of some birds when Joe and I went for a walk.  The female chestnut sided warbler landed right in front of us.  That made it nice to aim for but she hopped all over so I had a bugger of a time getting her facing me.  We also spotted some red-breasted mergansers resting in a pond on their trip south.  The weather was very cool on our walk and you can tell that winter is coming….ha ha ha I crack myself up!

(I have also included a couple shots from my bird camera.  The squirrels knocked it down and for a bit I only got the ground)

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Day 237

Last week the screw on my camera sling came undone while I was walking and when I let go of my camera it fell to the ground.  It didn’t fall far, but since then the focus has been a little off.  When I tried to take a picture of a Red-tailed hawk today, it really made the problem known.  So today, my pictures are about trying to adjust the micro focus on my camera and lens…frustrating to say the least.

So…tonight I feel that all the photos really are bad.

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Day 236

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What a story for you tonight!  After a long day of trying out our smoker with a pork loin, we decided to head out for a drive.  Normally that means going to look for some birds.  Since we haven’t been out much the last few days we went to see if the Great Horned Owls were in their favorite spot.  When we first pulled up one flew up into the trees.  We walked around and looked but there was not sounds or sight of the owl.  We went to the edge of the water and looked at the bank just across, maybe 5 feet.  We stood there for at least 5 minutes.  Joe had the binoculars and I was looking and we couldn’t see anything, nor was there any sounds.  So we turned around to walk back to the truck.  Something made Joe turn around and wouldn’t you know it: there was the owl flying away!  I raised my camera up and was able to get three shots in before he went behind the trees.  That is why the first three slides are out of focus.  If you click on the photo it will even tell you that I was that close and I only had my lens extended out 340mm.  Which isn’t that far.  We walked a little further and then Joe called my name, so I looked backwards, and he said I should have looked forwards as another owl was flying away (that is the 4th shot as it flew through the trees).  I don’t know about that man.  I was looking that way until he called my name…Oh well.  It was so funny that they whole time we were standing looking for the owl it was right there in front of us.  Other than that it was very quiet, but we did get to see a couple of Common Nighthawks.  They flew above us a couple of times, but by that time it we were losing the light and the photos were not very good.  I did get a beardless guy who makes my heart beat faster whenever I see him and makes a pretty good birding buddy when he isn’t making noises….

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Day 235

Today was a day spent working at home, getting things ready for going back to work, prepping food to be cooked, and finding things that were put away.  It was a nice day to just take my time and spot different birds that have decided to come into my yard.

I started this morning with the hairy woodpecker that has decided to visit in the mornings and at night.  They have discovered that if they go to the right bird feeder they don’t have to try and get the thistle seed out of the small screen but that they can stick their heads in the opening and eat from there.  In the later afternoon, after the hubby went for his ride, I cleaned the bird bath and sat down to see what little birds would come to play in it.  While I captured a small handful the best surprise were the three hummingbirds that were chasing each other all over.  At times they would come very close to my head.  I wasn’t able to capture them all three together as they were moving so fast, but I did get two of them showing their tail feather to each other.

I ended the night taking some more shots of the woodpecker as it tried to hide on the feeder from me.  A very peaceful night.

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