Day 305

Something a little different today.  My plan was to take some photos of my pumpkin, but when I picked it up to carve it was rotten…so out the window went that idea.  So I thought I would play with my macro lens again, and this is the results.

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Day 304

Today was another challenge.  Every time I went to take photos either my dog, the small one, or the neighbors dog barked.  My little Shepard would stop when I told her too but the neighbors dog is left outside all day in a rather small kennel in the back of the yard and barks and barks all day long.  Makes it hard to take photos when the little birds run scared of the noise.  But the falcon flying overhead didn’t help either.

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Day 303

Today was a tough day to get pictures.  Every time I went to the yard to capture all the birds the noise coming from the football field would scare them up.  So while there were a good number of birds, I was only able to capture my two favorite:  the blue jay and the red squirrel we have named Oliver as it is as sassy as my girl child Olivia.

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Day 301



For the few of you that that read my blog you may be thinking why is she posting this picture. Well, the plan was to take pictures at the swim meet but I forgot my camera on and the batteries were dead when I went to walk down. But when I came home this was waiting for me. I had ordered a rather large metal print of the moose I had spotted a couple weeks ago.  It is beautiful. The metal print makes it glow!  It is for an upcoming show, but I will not be sad if it doesn’t sell, I can then hang it in my house.

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Day 300

Wow!  I can not believe it!  I have made it to day 300!  Only 65 days left to go of this year long challenge.  It has been a lot of fun, a lot of challenges, and ever so interesting.  It has made me realize that I would really like to do something in the photography field for a living, perhaps as a wildlife photographer or something like that.

But in honor of the 300 day I am picking some of my favorite shots from the past few months.

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Day 299

Yesterday I stopped at the lake in the town I work in to see what was floating about.  All the various water fowl were on the opposite side of me, so today I headed to the other side.  And yes, they were on the other side again…always moving away from me.  The only little ones near me were two mallards.

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Day 297

Today is something different.  I was more homebound due to the broken piece in my knee giving me issues.  So instead of being out chasing birds, I stayed home and came across something on my desk.  I have been wanting to carve the piece into a spoon for some time, but I have not gotten to it.  But today it grabbed my attention with all the textures on it.  There is a bit of St. Joseph’s beard on it along with some other moss.  It makes for a rather interesting piece of wood.


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